Alan CK & Co is a story of a dad and son

which started after Zalan moved from Hungary to NYC in 2014. After quitting his finance job, he wanted to have a more direct impact on the world. Having a passion for building things and a father with generation’s worth of knowledge of woodworking, dad and son came together while being 4,500 miles apart and started Alan CK & Co.

Make life extraordinary

We started Alan CK & Co. with the mission to create everyday items that make you want to do more of the ordinary things. A cutting board that encourages you to practice that famous recipe until you get it right, a set of coasters that excites you to invite friends over for a drink more often, or a candle holder that brings you the peace to take some me-time and read a good book.

It is the ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Our work


Our products blend the natural beauty and timeless feel of wood with a simple, clean design and geometric shapes inspired by modern urban living. All of our products are made to order and created by hand in our small family shop located in the countryside of Hungary. We treat every order as an individual project, from selecting the wood to the final touches, enabling us not only to ensure the highest possible quality, but also to make a truly one-of-a-kind piece specifically for you.

Our products are made from responsibly sourced lumber. We take pride in minimizing production waste, and we are proud that only making products to order has enabled us to almost completely eliminate waste altogether.