Terms of Service

When you place on order at www.alanckandco.com, you are contracting with Vackco Ltd, a limited liability company registered under the Hungarian law (hereinafter referred to as 'we', 'us' or 'our'). By placing an order you accept the following terms.

General terms

Every product is made to order unless otherwise noted, and therefore, it may take up to 2-3 weeks to have your product ready for shipment.

The pictures and information shown on our website are intended to provide you with a strong indication of your actual purchase, however, due to the nature of wood and the fact that all of our products are handmade, the pattern, color, shape and size of the actual product may slightly vary from product to product.

By using our site, you also agree that any information acquired about you can be stored and used for future marketing, to better serve you as a customer in the future and improve our services.


As stated in our Return Policy, products returns are accepted within 7 days you receive your product. When calculating 7 days, we apply the delivery time provided by the courier and the date and time of your email.

Products must be returned by courier ordered by us. Cost of alternative returns cannot be refunded.


As stated on our Guarantee page, our products will be replaced or fixed at no cost in case of manufacturing defect for the lifetime of the product.

Guarantee does not apply in case of poor handling such as usage of dishwasher, soaking the product in water, dropping or lack of conditioning (for more information on product care please click here). Guarantee does not cover wear and tear from normal usage.

When purchasing one of our products, you accept the fact that there is an inherit risk for cracking and splitting with all solid wood products. Wood is an organic material with cell walls that were once living organism and will never be inherently stable. Guarantee, therefore, does not cover cracking and splitting as a result of the natural process of the wood unless determined otherwise during the inspection procedure.

All claims are subject to inspection. Inspection of the product can be done either electronically by sending high-resolution pictures of the product or by sending the product itself to our manufacturing facility in Hungary. Shipping cost will be reimbursed in case your product is eligible for replacement. In case of a negative outcome of the inspection procedure, you're entitled to reclaim your damaged product at your own cost.


Promotions include every offer made to new or existing customers including but not limited to coupon codes, discounts, sales, free offers. Every promotion is limited to one entry per household unless otherwise indicated. Entering under an alternate email address or any other abuse of our offers, as determined at our sole discretion, may result in the rescission of the customer(s)' promotion offer as well as the customer(s)' inability to participate in this or future promotions. Referral credit cannot be applied to previous purchases, and is not redeemable for cash. 


This terms of service can be modified at any time without notice in our sole discretion.